Spill Control Exam 2022

Spill Control Exam 2022

Welcome to your Spill Control Exam 2022

1. Forklift drivers may place full totes on the floor if no secondary containment is available.

2. A non-hazardous spill can be cleaned up with an ATTC mop and bucket.

3. Everyone must evacuate to the Assembly Point when any leak or spill occurs.

4. Leaks and spills may cause slippery floors, property damage, toxic environments, electrocution, and EPA fines.

5. All hazardous chemicals can be thrown in the general trash.

6. If a hazardous chemical seeps into the ground, no proper clean-up is necessary.

7. A leak or spill can only occur when a person is present.

8. Leaks and spills are prevented by using approved containers for chemicals and having secondary containers in place.

9. If a leak or spill is uncontrollable, use New Waste Absorbent Snakes at doorways and floor drains to prevent the spill from spreading outside the building.

10. Any employee can clean up a hazardous spill.

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