Plant Environment

ATTC's Plant Environment:

Automatic lines are used to machine rotors and drums. The first time an operator handles the part is during the visual inspection process.

Manual lines are used for more intricate parts, including Front Knuckles, Rear Carrier, and Differential Cases.

Our unique paint process uses robots to paint parts and camera systems to separate parts.

ATTC uses robots to press fittings into heavy parts.

Flexible Machining System lines are for low volume products requiring fast change-overs.

The Safety Gallery is a hands-on experience that shows a Team Member what hazards look and feel like so if they encounter them on the floor, they can avoid injury. A true “Safety Culture” begins by learning skills necessary to help each other avoid injury.

The ATTC Recycling Program strives to develop a culture where all Team Members understand and practice daily recycling activities with the goal of maintaining a healthy and vibrant environment.  A special team has been assembled as part of our company’s Grass Roots program. This team focuses on reducing landfill by recycling cardboard, paper, plastic, scrap metal, and metal shavings from our machining process.

New and experienced Team Members review the Quality Gallery to increase quality awareness. Also, Company quality directions are shared to all Team Members to aid in supplying good quality parts to customers.

The purpose of the Floor Management Development System, or FMDS, is to produce good communication with Team Members and to learn how to manage floor operations among company.