Fall Protection Exam

Fall Protection Exam

Welcome to your Fall Protection Exam

Enter 1 for 1st Shift or 2 for 2nd Shift
1. A fall may cause property damage, broken bones, paralysis, injury to co-workers, and DEATH.

2. A Groundman is required when using an Aerial Lift.

3. If working four (4) feet or more above a lower level, fall protection is required.

4. Traffic cones with connecting chains can be substituted for guardrails at elevated level edges.

5. If working less than one (1) hour at an elevated level, working alone is permitted.

6. The deceleration device such as a lanyard must be attached to the full body harness’s D-ring located at the middle of upper front chest.

7. Only authorized employees should work at elevated levels.

8. A person should always wear a hard hat or bump cap while working at an elevated work zone.

9. Tools and materials should always be organized and store away from open edges.

10. A weekly inspection of personal fall arrest system is only required.

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