Hot Work Operations Exam

Hot Work Operations Exam

Welcome to your Hot Work Operations Exam

1. Welding, heating, soldering, cutting, and grinding are several hot work operations.

2. If a Fire Watch is present, fire hazards do not have to be removed or protected.

3. If hot work is being done outside the designated hot work area, a Hot Work Permit is required.

4. Labels must include the name and hazards of compressed gases.

5. Before every use, the operator must check for leaks and damage to the hot work equipment.

6. Cylinders must be stored in an upright secured position with safety valve caps on.

7. A fire extinguisher must be charged and available in the immediate area where hot work is being performed.

8. Compressed air can penetrate skin, damage eyes, and damage ears.

9. A Fire Watch observes the work area only from the time the hot work ends to 1 hour after the hot work is completed.

10. Proper ventilation is required when conducting hot work operations.

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