Tugger Training Safety Exam

Tugger Training Safety Exam

Welcome to your Tugger Training Safety Exam

1. Who can operate a tugger?

2. How often should a tugger be inspected?

3. How soon should major repairs be made to a Tugger?

4. When a tugger is in motion the driver should:

5. If backing a tugger the operator must place their arm on the back rest, look in the direction of travel, and then honk ____ times before starting in reverse.

6. It is ok to drive through an orange walkway:

7. If there is a spill or leak in the aisle, you should:

8. A tugger must be shut off when not in use or when it is _______________ , according to OSHA regulation.

9. When parking a tugger you must come to a complete stop, controls released, and then shut off the tugger. When parking you should never block:

10. All of the following may result in accident:

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