Lockout / Tagout and ACM Safety Exam

Lockout / Tagout and ACM Safety Exam

Welcome to your Lockout / Tagout and ACM Safety Exam

Enter 1 for 1st Shift or 2 for 2nd Shift
1. Yellow (ACM) Locks may be used on energy isolation points, such as the Disconnect Switch, Ball Valve, or Circuit Breakers.

2. Affected employees must be notified that a lockout is beginning to be performed.

3. LOTO blocks the flow of energy from the power source to the equipment.

4. When two or more TMs are working on a machine; before operating the machine in Manual or Continuous Run the TM at the controls must confirm all TM’s are safe by asking “All Clear”? The TM at the controls must hear other TMs say “All Clear” confirm other TMs are clear by looking inside machinery.

5. If an individual goes to the break room and forgets to remove his/her LOTO lock, the supervisor can remove that employee’s LOTO lock with the Master Key.

6. An authorized employee is the only person in the area that does not have to lockout pieces of equipment being serviced or maintained.

7. Not following LOTO procedures can result in property damage, personal injury, and DEATH.

8. According to OSHA Regulation, the Alternative Control Method (ACM) is the same as Locking Out at the disconnect switch or breaker.

9. If an individual is exposed to hazardous energy, LOTO must be used.

10. Authorized Personnel may use their assigned Red Lock in place of Production’s Yellow (ACM) Lock, when locking the E-Stop while performing routine production operations.

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