HazCom Exam

HazCom Exam

Welcome to your HazCom Exam

1. Inhalation is one of the routes of entry for a chemical to affect your body.

2. Which pictogram represents a danger to Skin Corrosion/Burns.

3. Danger and Warning will have the same meaning as signal words for the GHS labeling system.

4. All containers of chemicals must be properly labeled.

5. Which pictogram represents an Acute Toxicity (fatal or toxic).

6. If not handled properly, many chemicals may cause property damage, personal injury, illness, and DEATH.

7. A chemical with a TLV of 1000 ppm is more hazardous than a chemical with a TLV of 10 ppm.

8. Before using a chemical, an employee can read the SDS to better understand the hazards associated with it.

9. A Flammable Chemical with a signal word of “Danger” means the chemical is extremely flammable.

10. You have a “Right-to-Know” about the chemicals you work with or around.

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