ATTC – EHS – Spill Control Exam

ATTC – EHS – Spill Control Exam

Welcome to your Spill Control Exam

1. SPCC stands for:

2. Industrial activities sometimes produce pollutants that may be spread into the environment naturally through _________________.

3. A spill can occur as a result of? (select all that apply)

4. Manual control valves are designed to ____________________, thus never resulting in a spill.

5. Proper chemical consumption goes as follows: (select all that apply)

6. If a chemical is spilt, an authorized team member should:

7. Absorbent socks and mats used to contain a spill should be disposed of inside the:

8. Dispose of chemicals suctioned through shop vacs, spill vacuums, and floor scrubber inside the:

9. If a chemical does soak into the surrounding grounds then:

10. If there is a release of chemical, a ____________________ must be filled out and submitted to the EHS Department.