Information Systems Approval Form

ATTC Information Systems Approval Form

Please fill out the form below with the appropriate information.

The purpose of this approval form is to document and create a permanet record of team member permissions for each user of the ATTC Information System and computer network. Attending the ATTC Computer User Orientation training class is a pre-requisite to using ATTC’s Computers and Information Systems.

Address Details
10455 IN-37, Tell City, IN 47586
Phone Number



    Date User Name Department Title
    If the user will be using an existing phone extension, then please specify:
    If not reusing an existing extension, do they need a phone allocated? YesNo
    If the user will be using an existing department computer, please specify:
    If not using existing computer, then please specify type needed: LaptopDesktopNone
    If Laptop is needed, then IT approval is required:
    Software Application Access
    Microsoft Office Professional Plus YesNo
    Adobe Acrobat Reader YesNo
    Email Access YesNo
    Internet Access YesNo
    AutoCad (PE Manager approval required) YesNo
    MP2 (Maint Manager approval required) YesNo
    Future 3 - (IBM Client Access to Detroit) (PC or Accounting Manager approval required) YesNo
    Canon Plotter YesNo
    Other (Specify) (additional approval may be required)